ThinkNexT specializes in online applications focussed on high user volumes, large quantities of data and the integrated execution in critical environments.

High user volumes

For applications that range between just a couple of users to several hundred thousands, ThinkNexT has the expertise to design and build scalable applications that serve your users without any hiccups.

Large data quantities

By using cloud storage technology, our applications are equipped to store vast amounts of data. They are stored securely and can be accessed swiftly, without risk of data loss.

Critical environments

We apply redundant failover techniques to make sure that in the event of a failure, whether hardware or software, the applications are switched to standby servers in order guarantee continuous availability.

Integrated applications

Many of our applications require the integration in an existing enterprise environment. Integration with ERP systems, legacy databases, message bus, local filesystems and cloud services is part of our expertise.

integrated applications

integrated applications


We develop mobile applications as extension to our online applications. The apps consist of both online and offline functionality. These mobile apps communicate with an online component in order to integrate that app with an existing ERP system for example.