Orion is an artificial intelligence platform enabling enterprises to take automated action on written and spoken customer questions.

Enterprises strive for improvement in customer satisfaction and faster response time when answering customer questions. All this while keeping the budget under control. Using artificial intelligence technology, Orion is able to analyze written or spoken customer questionsn, detect the type of question and take action.

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Written questions

When a customer writes an email or submits a contact form, that input is sent to Orion. Orion performs its analysis immediately and reports back. Your customer support system subsequently uses that information to execute actions and prioritize as desired. Orion will offer the most relevant answer templates to your operators or answers independently himself.
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Spoken conversations

When customers are calling in, Orion converts all speech to text and will determine the type of question. IVR menus can be made more flexible this way so customers can express their problem in their own words. The call is then routed to a human operator. Orion supports that operator in real-time by offering knowledge-base articles and answer templates.
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Orion’s detection is trained to find requested operations that occur frequently within your customer support system. Examples include: change of address, invoice copy request, pricing information enquiry.

Budget benefits

Orion can detect and assist with around 80% of your customer questions. Let’s say your current handling time of a written customer question is 8 minutes, than Orion can reduce that to 6 minutes. That’s a 25% efficiency increase!


Orion operates as a cloud application and offers an API for your systems to integrate with. Integration directly at the level of your corporate email inbox is another supported approach. Major telephony central providers are supported. Orion supports Dutch, French, English and German.

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