Orion is an artificial intelligence platform enabling enterprises to take automated action on customer questions.

Enterprises strive for improvement in customer satisfaction and higher response time when answering customer questions. All this while keeping the budget under control. Using artificial intelligence technology, Orion is able to analyze customer questions and automatically detect the requested action, question category and customer sentiment.

How does it work?

When a customer logs a question in your enterprises’ customer support system, that input is sent to Orion. Orion performs its analysis immediately and reports back. Your customer support system subsequently uses that information to execute actions and prioritize as desired.

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Action detection

Orion’s action detection is trained to find requested operations that occur most frequently within your customer support system. These typically include: change of address, invoice copy request, pricing information enquiry. Following its analysis, Orion will provide you with a list of detected actions and their parameters.


Questions submitted by customers are analyzed and assigned to categories and subcategories by Orion. This is augmented with language detection. The combination of both allows the automated allocation of these questions to the teams or departments within your customer service organisation.

Sentiment analysis

Using the latest techniques in artificial intelligence, the general sentiment of a customer can be extracted from the submitted question. Whether a customer is happy, unhappy or somewhere in between can be used to assign a priority to detect and help in reducing customer churn.


Orion operates as a cloud application and offers an API for your customer support system to integrate with. The current supported set of languages include Dutch, French, English and German with possibility to support other Indo-European languages.


We would love to hear what you think. If you have questions or would love to see a demo, don’t hesitate to ask.