Utility applications


Eneco Belgium

Eneco Belgium currently serves more than 250.000 customers in the B2C segment. All online client interactions are being handled by ThinkNexT applications. This includes client acquisition, payment methods, contacting Eneco, move-ins and move-outs.
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University of Maastricht

The University of Maastricht has rolled out a mobile application with the help of ThinkNexT enabling the easy capture of mental health data. The app and its backend systems handle 3000 simultaneous users, in 200 studies, across 20 research institutes world wide.
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Aviation software


US Air Force

ThinkNexT provided expertise to its client AWx to integrate flight simulation software for C-130 aircraft to enhance the motion perceived by pilots. This software is in use by the US Air Force and will be rolled out worldwide on 19 flight simulators for C-130H / C-130J models.
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Call center handling


Eneco Belgium

A team of 120 Eneco operators handles daily all incoming client calls, online questions and emails. All operators manage these clients using ThinkNexT’s Contact and 360 view, custom built CRM applications matched to Eneco’s business processes.
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Mobile ERP integration


TCM Belgium

Debt collector TCM Belgium handles 30.000 claims yearly. ThinkNexT developed a mobile app integrated with their ERP system allowing agents on the road online and offline access to claims. Due to this change, the amount of visits doubled to 360 claims per month.
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Flight simulation



AWx specializes in enhancing perceived motion in flight simulators. ThinkNexT implemented the test environment. It is rolled out on over 30 simulators worldwide, both civil and military. It is in use by the US Air Force on the KC-135.
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Online Ticketing



Eventis is an online ticketing service. ThinkNexT developed the platform, where organizers configure events and visitors buy tickets online. The platform integrates with major payment service providers. A mobile app is available for on site access control.
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Multiplayer game


Cities of Faith

Cities of Faith is an online multiplayer game built by the ThinkNexT founders. The game requires no upfront installation and is directly playable from the browser. The game won the Best Online Application award in ING’s Start Academy competition.
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Service Architecture


Eneco Belgium

In order to make the frontend and internal applications at Eneco scalable, ThinkNexT introduced a service layer on top of the existing ERP system. That layer encapsulates the ERP specifics and enables single-sign-on services and access to master data.
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Printing & Delivery


Burocad digital printing

Burocad specializes in customized digital prints on a variety of surfaces. ThinkNexT optimized their business process by making sure that when an order is ready, a request for pickup is automatically placed with the delivery service company.
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Debt collection

TCM Belgium

TCM Belgium collects consumer and commercial claims for all types of services and industries, in Belgium and +100 countries. ThinkNexT developed the backend ERP system by which all claims and actions are handled.
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