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AWx specializes in enhancing perceived motion in flight simulators. ThinkNexT implemented the motion algorithm and developed a test environment guaranteeing the correct behavior when running it on physical simulators.

The algorithm is currently rolled out on over 30 simulators worldwide, both civil and military. ThinkNexT played a decisive roll in the successful validation of the software on the whole simulator fleet of Cathay Pacific HongKong (B777, B747, A330-340, A320), Atlas Air in Miami (B747 freighters) and of all 19 KC-135 tanker aircraft operational flight trainers of the US Air Force.

US Air Force – KC 135 Stratotanker refueling an F-15 fighter


Acceleration Worx developed the unique and innovative Lm2 algorithm in order to improve the efficiency of airline pilot training and enhance safety of aviation in general. AWx works in close strategic partnerships with players in the civil and military aviation industry.

Managing director Cpt. Filip Van Biervliet is the inventor, patent holder and aeronautics engineer from Delft University. He logged over 14.000 flight hours on jets such as the B737, the Airbus A330 and the MD-11. Read more on


Lm2 is a motion control method for flight simulator software that improves the experienced motion in aircraft during maneuvers. The Lm2 software can be implemented on both commercial and military full flight simulators. Because a variety of flight simulator exists in which Lm2 can be plugged into, it is essential to guarantee correct behavior of the integration result.


Alongside the operational implementation, ThinkNexT also constructed a custom built test bench in which the Lm² software can run. This allows the validation of each Lm² software component that has been modified for one specific flight simulator. Although the software undergoes minor modifications, the implementation is guaranteed to behave as expected. The test bench gathers a variety of metrics at the calculation rate of the simulation (60 calculations per second). Metrics such as the rates of yaw, roll and pitch are than compared with the expected results.


In July 2014, the aviation magazine Flightglobal published the article USAF chooses Lm2 simulator motion modifier for KC-135 training and Lateral thinking for simulators. You can download (.pdf) both articles here.

Airbus A330 cockpit

CAE Flight Simulator B737-800