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Cities of Faith is an online multiplayer game built by the ThinkNexT founders. The game requires no upfront installation and is directly playable from the browser. The game won the Best Online Application award in ING’s Start Academy competition.

Cities of Faith is an online, turn-based multiplayer game combining elements of strategy, adventure and politics. The ThinkNexT founders designed the graphics, created the user interfaces and developed the server-side. It is a stand-alone application integrated into the browser, launchable with a single click.


Cities of Faith employs a freemium business model. The game is free, but a charge applies to some aspects of the game. That is realized through a credit system were players are able to buy credits they can use in-game. For that reason, the application interfaces with payment systems Paypal and Ogone.


Both application and server-side are built with Java EE technology. AspectJ is used for database connectivity and security. Graphics rendering is done through a custom developed tile-rendering engine. Because the game targets the online community, the website integrates with Facebook.